Since the launch of the first-ever Brain Bar future festival in the summer of 2015, the organisers’ ambition has been to gather the most influential masterminds from all around the world, inspire decision makers and put Hungary on the global map of idea summits.

Superleagues of the bravest and most inspiring thinkers of our time have come Budapest to discuss and debate ideas defining today and shaping tomorrow. The line-up includes rebels, pioneers, ground breakers of all kind, such game-changing business, political and scientific leaders as PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Colonel Chris Hadfield, history professor Niall Ferguson or the world’s first android robot citizen, Sophia.

From the future of human-robot relationships and urban communities to the morality of AI and Big Data, sixth extinction and new millennium heroes, the festival’s agenda brims with diverse and great content every year. What comes up in the Brain Bar agenda are unusual and controversial issues that other events would avoid and shy away from.

Don’t expect anything usual. It’s not the average meet, greet, and listen for hours kind of festival. Brain Bar has designed its own formats to ask questions, challenge the experts and vote for winning arguments. The audience can take active part in what’s happening on stage through head-to-head debates, surprise panellists, and rapid-fire myth-busting sessions. Speakers are also available for conversations during the course of the event, or in the group discussions following the talks. The event is totally kid-friendly and features exciting programmes for small ones and grown-ups alike.

As a future festival, since its inception, Hungary’s most inspiring event has made it a priority to be accessible to future generations of innovators and disruptors. Brain Bar is the first among Hungarian festivals to give students and teachers a free pass. At Brain Bar, they are the only VIPs.

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