This summer is going to be different. Although the safety measures and restrictions in place to fight the Covid-19 epidemic are being continuously eased as far as the situation permits, your safety and the safety of your loved ones require you and everyone to be aware of the following information.

Foreign citizens entering and staying in Hungary

Foreign citizens may enter Hungary in accordance with the relevant official regulations in place based on the current epidemic situation.

From 15 July until withdrawal, the government of Hungary establishes and applies a 3-tier (green-yellow-red) categorisation of the world’s countries based on their COVID-19 situation, which categorisation will determine the rules that apply for entry into Hungary by both Hungarian and foreign citizens.

You will find the current regulations on entering Hungary on the website of the Consular Service of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Budapest Airport is doing everything it can to ensure the airport remains a safe place for passengers, crew and staff members alike. However, this requires an extra level of care and caution from passengers entering the airport.

For a detailed list of the relevant regulations and recommendations, please visit the airport website.

Both the shops and the airport operator are taking the safety regulations extremely seriously: all staff members wear face masks when serving passengers, and the premises are regularly and frequently disinfected.

Foreign citizens who experience symptoms of Covid-19 infection while in Hungary must report to a General Practitioner’s surgery in the place where they are living or staying or, if symptoms are more severe, they should call the Hungarian National Ambulance Service (dial 112).

Foreign citizens who experience symptoms of Covid-19 infection while staying at a hotel in Hungary are kindly asked to inform the hotel’s receptionist, who will provide them with information on which medical service to contact, and will help them with establishing contact.

The website of the Government of Hungary offers detailed information in English, including up-to-date information about the current Covid-19 epidemic.

Further detailed information is available in English on the website of the National Public Health Institute of Hungary:

Epidemic-related information is also available in English from a free information line. Phone: +36 80 277 455 or +36  80 277 456. (Please press 9 to get straight through to the operator.)

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