Budapest has a wide variety of coffee shops, whether you're just looking for a pick-me-up in the morning or a truly refined experience of the finest beans prepared by the best baristas.

New York Café is more than a coffee house, it is in an institution It is a scene of Hungarian literary life, the meeting point of tourists and art enthusiasts, and the stronghold of refined gastronomy. If you yearn for a touch of aristocratic vibes, drop in for a coffee and immerse yourself into an authentic experience.

Madal Café sets the ambiance with simple and clean design features. The coffee is specially brought in from England and Austria.

Tamp&Pull derives its name form the final two steps of making an espresso. Besides the excellent Has Bean coffee served, you can also treat yourself to many delicacies.

Espresso Embassy presents special coffee blends created by top Hungarian baristas. You are surely in for a special coffee experience if you get Embassy's espresso, cortado, flat white or cappuccino.

My Little Melbourne is based on the idea that life is too short for bad coffee. The unrelenting focus on peak quality can be enjoyed with salads, sandwiches or a croissant.

Fekete is a small, cleverly organized shop with special flavor profiles of coffee. The range covers more bitter, citrusy, as well as sweet, nuttier taste.

Printa serves high-quality fair-trade coffee, and doubles as a showroom for various eco-friendly designs of furniture, clothing, bags and accessories.

Massolit combines the best aspects of the café culture, serving as both a coffee shop and a bookstore. If you'd like to add to the enjoyment of a good book with your great coffee, don't miss out on a slice of their cheesecake.

Central is a perfect example of the grand history for Budapest's coffee houses, as the café founded in 1887 is still one of the best and most refined establishments in its field.

Ruszwurm can proudly lay claim to being the first café-cake shop in Budapest. It revives the atmosphere of the 1920s' salons with its tasty cakes and cookies.

Gerbeaud is an iconic Budapest location and is at the same time the most famous café in the city. The refined design and outstanding service all date back to the historic days when Hungary's legendary writers spent all their days at the Gerbeaud.

Belvárosi Auguszt is the creation of the famous cake maker dynasty, the Auguszt family started making cakes and ice cream in 1870. Their products represent a special blend of traditional and innovative methods of preparation.

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